Announcing Two new opportunities to Present at the 1st ICEVI Africa Conference

This Call closes on 15th August 2023.

1. TechLab Sessions

We have introduced TechLab Sessions to offer participants the opportunity to acquire practical skills in creating, using or maintaining digital technology solutions.

Each TechLab session will be two hours long and will take place in a dedicated room. Since they are practical hands-on sessions, each TechLab session will be limited to a maximum of 20 participants. In order to optimize participants’ learning experience, presenters of TechLab sessions are encouraged to consider having more than one trainer in their session.

To submit an abstract for a TechLab session, kindly fill out the form below. Ensure to clearly describe the “How To” skill that will be taught, who should attend the session, what devices the participants are required to bring along, and/or what equipment or learning resources the trainers will avail. You may also specify the maximum number of participants for your training.

Photo of a blind lady being taught how to use a computer

2. Video Presentations

Video presentations aim at providing opportunities for agencies to showcase their work or to highlight current situations or new developments in the area of visual impairment.

Each video presentation shall be 30 minutes long, which shall consist of a short introduction of the agency and of the video by the presenter, followed by the video show which ideally should not exceed fifteen minutes, and, finally, a short Question and Answer session.

To submit an abstract for a video presentation, kindly fill out the submission form below. Please note that we do not require you to submit your video at this moment. You will be advised on how to submit your video closer to the conference. Note too that videos submitted for showing without a presenter from the agency shall not be accepted.

The Call for Submission of Abstracts for TechLab and Video presentations will close on 15th August 2023. Outcome of selection of Abstracts will be announced soon after.

Submit Abstract

Image of the Front Cover of the Conference Flyer